Saturday, July 21, 2012

Minnesota State Fair August 23 - Sept. 3, 2012!

After attending a beekeeping meeting with friends of ours, I decided I'd enter a soap containing Minnesota produced honey and beeswax this year after hearing David Schaff from the Minnesota State Fair speak.  This year will be my fifty-third year attending the Minnesota State Fair and yet I've never once entered a pie, cake, crocheted baby booties or any other item in hopes of winning a ribbon or premium.  I think I have something unique to enter under the Ag-Hort-Bee division and am looking forward to creating a soap I hope will be special and of interest to others.  There's not an actual "Soap Division", so I'm entering under "Other" !!  No rules or regulations for "Other" as far as size, materials, labeling, etc., so I'm on my own and will just wing it.  My entry needs to be ready by Tuesday, August 21, at the very latest. I'm limited to soaping weekends, so I have four weekends to experiment and translate the idea in my head to soap.  Will keep you updated !!   


Jenny said...

Best of luck, Suzy! I love honey in soap. I hope you win a prize for your entry!

Katie White said...

Oh my gracious, how very very fun for you! To think you've gone to the fair for so long and haven't entered your lovely soaps before is just terrible! I'm so glad your remedying that! I do hope that you win your division! So so exciting! xoxo Katie