Sunday, August 3, 2014


** UPDATE ** 

I'm excited to announce that my Beeswax and Honey soaps won a blue ribbon at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair ! My daughter entered her beewax lotion bar for the first time and it came in 5th place! The Fair has been a family event for me since 1958; first attending with my parents each year, then with friends as a teenager, with my own family as an adult and now with my daughter and her family. This will be the fourth Minnesota State Fair for my granddaughter Eden and the very first for grandson Louis. My son takes time from his job as a police officer each year to work as a paramedic at the State Fair. Say what you will about the Fair with it's high calorie greasy food and crowded Midway, it brings families together to enjoy time with each other once a year and and that can't be a bad thing.  


I can't believe it's August already.

Once again, I'm entering a soap in the Minnesota State Fair Ag-Hort division.  It's a beeswax and honey soap and I'm hoping the judges like it.  I even added a little sugar bee on top this year to catch their attention.

My daughter is entering for the first time, so I'm anxious to see how her beeswax lotion bar turns out.

Wish us luck! Be sure to stop by the Ag-Hort building if you're at the Fair. So many cool items produced locally. They even have a glass sided hive display with working bees that the little ones love - or hate! 


Jenny said...

Cute soap, Suzy! Love that little bee. Best of luck to both you and your daughter at the fair!

Suzy Whitten said...

Thanks, Jenny ! I was glad she was interested in making a lotion bar this year. Even if we don't place, we love the State Fair - this is my fifty-fifth year attending and I grew up a couple miles from the fairgrounds, so it's something we look forward to each year. It signals the "end of summer" as our kids go back to school the day after the Fair!