Friday, October 10, 2014


Here it is October 10th and I feel as if I'm so behind the eight ball already.  I have one fall soap made, two floating around in my head and zero Holiday soaps. Where DOES the time go? 
I am checking out the St. Paul Art Crawl tomorrow and will take notes as I hope to be a vendor next year. My daughter and family live in an artists loft that participates in the art crawl, so I'll be based out of their studios if I decide it's something I could manage next year. I've never done a market before because of the time involved (my day job takes a lot of my time and energy) but a one-weekend art crawl would be fun I think!

So, here are my soaps so far. 

This soap is called "Autumn Wreath" and it's a rebatch of a design I just didn't care for. The fragrance is the same, I just wanted more of a rustic look to the bar and then I added a bit of shine with a mica oil swirl on top.  It really smells fabulous - like a fresh baked apple pie with apple, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin and vanilla. My mouth is watering and I'll be thinking about apple pie the rest of the night, but I promise I won't get in the car to pick any up.  

I'm calling this soap Peppermint Twist. I used first distillation peppermint essential oil which, to me, is a bit earthy and minty. Not so much a sweet peppermint as a natural mint.  I really like it.  I added some "candy bits" of soap in the mix and I can tell you my house smelled minty fresh for a week after making this one. This scent REALLY holds!  

Dirty Hippie (not to be confused with a peace loving Hippy) - this Hippie is politically charged and not afraid to stand up for what they believe in - and take on anyone in the process.  They aren't afraid to be labeled "liberal".  I got an interesting swirl of charcoal, orange mica and purple mica in this soap. I'm sure that even if you gave me a million dollars, I could never duplicate this swirl.  It's a drop swirl, but the colors blended in an interesting way. The scent is cinnamon and patchouli...leaning towards the cinnamon side. The fragrance behaved well considering the cinnamon that was in it and I love the smell after cure. You smell the cinnamon...and know there's something else....but the patchouli doesn't hit you over the head, it's subtle.  

Well, that's it for now. I haven't been doing as much soap making as I'd like, but I've set Sunday evening aside to soap.  

Until next time, thank you for stopping by !


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Jenny Rose said...

Looks like you've got a good start on some holiday soaps, Suzy! I've made only two holiday soaps myself and that's probably all I'll have time for. Autumn Wreath sounds like a nice scent, and I like anything pepperminty! And I love patchouli - I'll bet it's great paired with the cinnamon. That's such a neat swirl you got in the Dirty Hippie soap.