Monday, January 25, 2016

Watercolor for Card Makers - Intermediate Techniques

January 25, 2016

I'm excited to be starting a new class today, something I've wanted to learn more about since my mother took her first watercolor class.  I hope she's looking down and smiling !

The class is called Watercolor for Card Makers - Intermediate Techniques

and it's presented by Online Card Classes.  I've had my supplies for a month or more, but realized painting in watercolor was a LOT  harder than I thought it would be.  No, you can't just pick up a brush and become a Georgia O'Keeffe overnight. Time to get some education!

I'll be using this blog post to save some of my class work. Honestly,  it's really for my own benefit and allows me a location to upload to the class gallery.  I know most of you are fellow soap makers and that's typically what I've blogged about, so I hope you'll forgive.

If you're interested in watercolor, feel free to comment or link to your own work, I'd love to see it !!  Or just stick around and watch me attempt to learn more about this technique.
Today is the first day, so there's still time to jump in if you'd like to join !

My best,

My first attempt at watercolor prior to class.


Day 1 homework -   wet on wet technique, color dropping

Day 2 homework - brush technique, color blending.  Those are supposed to be cornflowers on the bottom left !

Day 5 and 6 techniques: florals and leaves   - This is going to take lots of practice !!

For anyone interested in watercolor, I highly recommend this class.  It breaks techniques down into manageable blocks of time, has several videos each day presented by guest artists with different styles and offers supply recommendations but continually stress to use what you have available to you. If that's Crayola watercolors and a .50 cent brush, so be it.  They just want you give it your best and have fun!

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