Saturday, April 28, 2012

Linear Swirl

I decided that today was the day to try a few more colors in a batch of soap. I used a recipe I'd used before that I knew was slow to trace and a combination of lab colors, oxides and micas and an activated charcoal. I used seven colors in total for this soap loaf.

The recipe was the same one I used for the vibrant in the pot swirl soap and it seemed to turn out well, so maybe it will become my "go to" recipe !

23.9 oz olive oil
13 oz palm oil
10.4 oz coconut oil
3.12 oz cocoa butter
1.5 oz castor oil

16.8 oz water
7.2 oz lye

I did a spoon line pour alternating colors throughout the loaf and again on top. I then marbled the top in a traditional marbling pattern and here are the results:

This soap should be cured and ready to use on:  June 11th, 2012


It looks a bit muddy in this photo,  but the colors really are distinct.

Seven colors mixed in blue solo cups (they were out of red !).  I poured at a very, very light trace so it stayed pourable the entire time.

The seven colors used in this loaf were:   Black (activated charcoal), aqua blue lab color, canary yellow oxide, spring green mica, tangerine orange lab color, violet purple mica and white (base mixed with titanium dioxide).

Here's a picture of the marbling effect on the top.  I wish I had photos of spooning the lines of soap until this point, but I'd need a couple more arms to acccomplish that!

I can't wait to  unmold this one - it's always a surprise to see what you have inside. It seems you can have a gorgeous top and a pretty plain interior, or you can end up with unique pieces - each a little different from the other.  That's the magic !!

Here's the soap unmolded...still rough on the edges, but the colors didn't fade too much.

A shot of the side of the loaf. I could swear it says T i P V, but I have a vivid imagination.  :-D

Cool colors on the bottom of the loaf !  It's still too soft to cut, so I'll give it a day or so. I broke down and ordered a cutter, so maybe it will arrive in time to test it on this batch.

My cutter arrived!!  It cuts six bars at a time, which works for me because it doesn't take up as much counter space.  Counter space is at a premium in my kitchen.  Here are the results of the marbleized swirl soap.  I think this one is my favorite so far....just because of the bright colors.  I'll give this a try again.


bubbawhitty said...

This is a work of art. It was fun to see it made!

newt + fig said...

My favorite Suzy Says design to date!

Suzy Whitten said...

Thank you!! :-D I've had a good teacher via Soaping101 !!

Suzy Whitten said...

Thanks, Bubba! I appreciate your patience and support.