Monday, April 30, 2012

Divided Vertical Mold and Slab Mold - Black and White

I guess one batch of soap just didn't do it today, I had to make another. For this one I decided to try a black and white swirl in a divided vertical mold.

Here's the mold with an HPDE liner and center divider (removed in the picture)

The top of the vertical mold.  These molds dry very slowly, so I won't be unmolding this batch for about three days. I rushed it last time and learned the hard way.  

I had a few extra cups of soap, so decided to make a slab in addition to the vertical.  I think it turned out well!  So much more surface for swirling.

A close up of the B&W slab swirl.  This was done in a silicone mold I've used for M&P in the past.

I'll be sure to post pictures of the final product in a few days!

Oh, and the recipe used was the same recipe used for the In The Pot Swirl and the Marble Swirl soaps. It seems to be a good all purpose, slow tracing recipe that I'm going to hang on to.  Emollient, but not too emollient, not too hard that it cracks, but not too soft that you can't cut it cleanly.

Here are some pictures of the divided vertical loaf.  I'm not still crazy about this vertical mold from Brambleberry. It leaks and is a BEAR to unmold.  The soap takes a good three days to harden. It seems to work better to unmold it after two or three days and then let it sit another day before cutting.  A lot of time and not a mold to use if I'm in a hurry! 

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