Saturday, September 1, 2012

Soaping Saturday Sept. 1st, 2012 !

The wife of the owner of the company I work for LOVES lavender. So, when the owner's wife loves lavender - you make lavender!!  I actually made this loaf for his wife and the girl's in our California office and hope they like it. 

I used Violet Mica from TKB Trading for the top half and a cream color on the bottom with a mica line dividing them. Lavender is sprinkled on top - of course.  

This recipe contains olive oil, organic sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, canola oil, cocoa butter and castor oil.  I used cream and Tussah silk as well.  The fragrance is Lavender and Herb from Bramble Berry.  

You can't see the purple under the cream colored soap on top, but I'll be sure to post pictures after it's cut !


Nothing knock-your-socks-off-super-amazing, but a nice bar of lavender soap!  Cream on the bottom, lavender above it with a bronze mica line dividing the two.  More cream soap on top and a sprinkle of lavender buds.  I'm hoping *fingers and toes crossed* that my color holds as it cures.  My last batch of lavender turned the fugliest shade of brown/gray that I've ever seen !!   I hate throwing out a batch, but there was no rescuing that one.

I'm thinking I'll make one more batch today.  I keep an inspiration folder on my desktop to inspire me when ideas just aren't flowing.

Enjoy the Holiday weekend !!   xx  Suzy



Barbara said...

That's beautiful! I can't wait to see the cut pictures.

Anne-Marie said...

It's gorgeous, I hope they loved it!

Suzy Whitten said...

Thanks, Barbara !! xx

Suzy Whitten said...

Thank you, Anne-Marie !!