Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two recent soaps

It's the same recipe, but these two soaps turned out totally different in texture due to crackling from the titanium dioxide used  in one.  Some people like this look. Me? not so much.

BUT, the fragrance is amazing. I used Earthen Oak for the first.  It's from Moonworks and is what I'd call a unisex fragrance.  Lots of depth and I'm just sure it's going to hold up through curing.  I think I'll name the batch Ashen Oak.  

The second fragrance, also from Moonworks, is Native Princess.  A Sioux would be offended by that name, but I'll come up with an alternative.  Thinking Oglala Cloud.

I've ordered several more of Rhonda's fragrances and am sure they'll perform and smell amazing!!


Jenny said...

Both soaps are gorgeous, Suzy! I especially like the Ashen Oak - I think the crackling in the TD looks cool! And the colors in the Oglala Cloud are so pretty.

Suzy Whitten said...

Could I be ANY later with a reply??? I'm so sorry, Jenny. I'm not sure how I missed your comment, but it's appreciated!! I go back and forth on the crackling. At first I kindof liked it, then I was disappointed. Now...it's okay. It's different, if nothing else. I do like the Oglala Cloud as it has a clear vein running through it - no idea why and I could probably never replicate it!! Thanks again for hanging with me :-D xx Suzy