Friday, October 5, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy !!

It's been a while since I've posted, so please forgive me.  I'm in the process of a divorce (amicable) and a move as well, so life's a bit hectic and stressful and I just haven't soaped much.

I DO have an exciting blog and offer coming up thanks to the generous Kristen from Bramble Berry!  I don't have all the details yet, but keep an eye on my blog in the near future.  

In the meantime, I'd love to hear about the projects you're working on. Are you soaping for the Holidays?  Any favorite fragrances or colorants you've found that have WOW'd you?

Patchouli Passion arrived in my mailbox a couple days ago and I'm hoping to soap with it this weekend - it smells amazing!  I love patchouli, but even for those who aren't crazy about it I think you'd like this blend. The patchouli doesn't knock you over the head, it's subtle and there's a floral/fruity note that's really nice. I purchased it through Tamera Jenkins at the Soap Making Sense page on Facebook.  A great place to purchase fragrance in bulk. I've pre-ordered three times from Tamera and haven't been disappointed with a fragrance yet. All have held up well in CP and have multiple layers to them, really beautiful. 

More to come!!  


Jenny said...

So sorry to hear about the divorce, Suzy, but I'm glad to hear that it is amicable. Sounds like life is pretty hectic with that and a move at the same time. I hope everything settles down for you soon. I've been working on holiday soaps - Hot Cocoa, Gingersnap, Peppermint, Fresh Snow ... and I plan to do Sweet Pumpkin and a Christmas Tree-type scent, too. The Patchouli Passion sounds like an interesting FO - I adore patchouli!

newt + fig said...

An offer from Bramble Berry? So exciting, love them! Pick me, pick me!!

Suzy Whitten said...

Hey Jenny girl ! I replied via my iphone, but I'm not sure if you received it so I'll write again. Thank you for the kind words - it's all going to be fine :-D I just purchased a home and my daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby will be living with me for one year, so it will be nice not to come home to an empty house (and it will save me $ so I can remodel). I'll have to be careful not to turn into a build-in babysitter!! Hot cocoa soap sounds amazing - I have peppermint and fresh snow and a pumpkin/mix but haven't seen hot cocoa. I'm on a fragrance "no buy" until I use some of what I have. Glad to hear you love patchouli too !!!

Suzy Whitten said...

Well, I thought I was going to be able to offer a BB discount, but it's more of a chance to win. I'll post my soap project made with the BB products and the change to win asap. I'm heading out of town for a trade show, so it will probably be a couple weeks. I'll post the ingredients and then post the soap I come up with using those ingredients.
I <3 BB too ! Anne-Marie and crew always come up with such creative ideas and I've had the best luck with their fo's and eo's holding their scent in CP for a long time. xx MMM